What is a Flaring Tool Kit? Types, Application, Buying Tips

What is a flaring tool kit and how do you use one? Find the answer below, including tips on how to buy your first flaring tool set or kit.

Flaring tool set with flaring bar, centering yoke, and adapters
 Flaring tool set with flaring bar, centering yoke, and adapters
Resource: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UDSL8AY0lBQ

If you’re a DIY car owner and like to do your own repairs, you definitely need a flaring tool kit. Professional mechanics use it too, and usually own the best ones out there. In this post, I will help you understand flaring tools in detail. Get to know everything about them; their purpose, how to use one, and tips on how to buy the best flaring tool kit.

What is Flaring Tools Kit?

A flaring tool kit is basically a set of tools to quickly and precisely flare tubes. The flaring process allows for a more quality connection; flared joints are typically stronger than regular joints, and leak-free. Here is more about these tool kits and what a typical tube flaring tool kit is composed of.

In the automotive world, flaring tools set uses include flaring brake lines, fuel lines, and transmission lines, and other types of tubing. The types of tubes to flare, on the other hand, range from copper and steel to brass and aluminum.

A standard brake line flaring kit typically consists of these major components;

  • A flaring bar containing holes of different sizes
  • A centering yoke, and
  • An assortment of flaring adapters

A more advanced tube flaring tool kit may include an additional flaring bar with extra and larger openings, more adapters, and extra accessories such as a deburring/chamfering tool and tube cutters. Some even come with a wrench. These will also be suitable for flaring hard lines, among other features but cost more to buy.

What is a Flaring Tool Used for?

Brake, fuel, coolant, and other lines will rot or corrode over time, or they can get bent and restricted. When faced with bad lines, you have two options: to spend money on repairs, or flare and install the lines yourself- using a fuel and coolant or brake line flare tool, of course.

A brake line flaring tool allows you to precisely bend the ends of brake lines and other lines, so they make firm and leak-free connections.

A precision brake line flare is not only stronger than a standard flare, but also will not inhibit the flow of fluid like standard or rolled flares. In a nutshell, a flare tool kit lets you finish the last step of making your own lines or tubes.

Tube flaring tool kit
Tube flaring tool kit
Resource: https://www.bimmerfest.com

Types of Flaring Tools

The kid of flare depends on the type of flare tool used. The usability, too, and if There are four major types of flaring tool s, manual, hydraulic, single flare, double, or bubble flaring flare kit. These are described below.

Manual vs. Hydraulic Flaring Tool Kit

A manual set requires you to use threaded rods and wrenches to create the flares on your brake lines. The main advantage of this type of flare tool is that it’s very portable and easy to carry with you anywhere. However, it can be time-consuming to use.

A hydraulic brake line flaring tool uses a foot pump to create the pressure to flare brake line. This allows you to easily create flares with less physical effort. The main downside to the hydraulic flaring tool is that it can be quite bulky.

Single vs. Double Flaring Tool Kit

A flaring tool kit can also be a single or double flaring tool. A single flare tool produces single flares and is usually cheaper than the double flare type. A single flare is not desirable in brake lines where greater pressures are experienced. Its, therefore, normally a coolant or fuel line flaring tool kit.

A double flaring tool kit creates both single and double flares. This is the most versatile flare tool- but more expensive. Double flares offer stronger connections. These types of kits are, therefore, the most suitable brake line tools when it comes to flaring ends.

Bubble Flaring Tool Kit

As the name suggests, this type of tube flaring tool kit produces a bubble flare. Bubble flares are also widely used but not as popular as double flares for most lines. If you have a double flare tool kit, it will probably be able to produce bubble flares as well.

Using a tube flaring tool
Using a tube flaring tool
Resource: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UDSL8AY0lBQ

How to Use Flaring Tool Kit

The process to use a brake flaring tool is fairly simple. Here are things you will need: A bubble, single or tool double flaring kit, tube cutter, and deburring/chamfering tool (some kits come with these additional tools).

Let’s now see how to use a flaring tool kit. There are many different ways to use the tool but it generally requires the following steps

Step 1: Prepare your Tubing

  • Start by cutting the tube to be flared if necessary.
  • Use tubing cutter and cut it to the desired length.
  • Using a chamfering or deburring tool, smooth the end of the tube.

Step 2: Insert Tube into Flaring Tool

  • Locate the most appropriate opening on the flaring tool bar.
  • By loosening the wing nuts, insert the tube into the opening.
  • Ensure the correct length of the tube protrudes.

Step 3: Clamp the Tube

  • Identify the adapter to use
  • Place the adapter on the tube’s end (the end to be flared).
  • Tighten the tool’s wing nut to firmly clamp the tube.

Step 4: Flare the Tube

  • Find the right adapter to flare the tubing with.
  • Position the flaring cone over the tube.
  • Rotate the rod to lower the flaring cone.
  • Do not overtighten or risk damaging the tube.
  • Once ready, remove your flared tube.
A double flaring tool kit
A double flaring tool kit
Resource: https://www.r1200gs.info

How to Buy a Flaring Tool Kit

There are many types of flaring tools today. Some are large and suitable for repair shop jobs while others are compact and fit personal repair tasks. This makes choosing the best type difficult. Here, I take you through the process to purchase a pipe tool kit to flare your cars brake lines, coolant lines, and other types of lines.

Useful Flaring Tool Kit

Some flare tools are also meant for some types of tubes and not others. A fuel line flaring tool kit, for example, may only produce single flares and not suit brake lines. The best flaring tool kit for brake lines must be able to produce double flares.

Usable Flaring Tool Kit

Make sure the kit is easy to use and comes with the necessary tools. If you do not have a tube cutter already, you may prefer a kit that comes with one. Kits that contain additional accessories will undoubtedly cost more. However, they’re more cost-effective than buying the extra tools individually.

Manual or Hydraulic?

Manual flare tools include compact pieces that suit DIY car owners. On the other hand, a hydraulic flaring tool kit is generally best suited for professionals who have to service many cars. Technicians too, who will need the kit to flare different tubes, including the hard types.

Other equally important to consider when buying a flaring kit include material quality, construction and price. Be sure to choose kits that are made from high-strength steel and coated to prevent corrosion. In terms of construction, select kits that contain usable tools.

It’s important to remember that any good quality flaring tool kit with standard tools will be more than adequate for most applications; however kits which include additional adapters or items will help you do more and conveniently.

Flaring Tools Kit Price

The flaring tools kit price can vary greatly. However, it’s good to be cautious when budgeting for your kit. You do not want a low quality kit and parts that don’t fit together properly or those that can damage lines, or simply aren’t suited to the job at all.

Most of the time, it’s safe to gauge the flaring tool set value by checking its price. Go for fairly priced kit and avoid those that are too cheap. That said, the price of flare tools or kits start from $ to $ for as outlined below.

Lower price range- this flare tool category consists of kits that offer basic components to flare lines. The cost ranges from $25.

Mid-price range- prices in this group of flare tools go up to $100 and consist of really decent tools to complete most flaring tasks.

Higher price range- this category includes professional flare tools that cost above $100. If you’re a mechanic looking for a professional brake line flaring tool, for example, this group of flare tools should provide you with viable options.


A flaring tool kit saves you both time and money when you have bad lines and fittings on your car. Should you choose to invest in one, be sure to reach on the best ones for your specific needs. I would also recommend purchasing your flaring tool kit online. You will have more option to choose from and a better chance to compare prices and features.

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