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The snap ring plier is used to remove and install snap rings. A snap ring is a thin piece of metal with an inside edge that looks like a C-clamp (female part). In servicing a car, the snap ring pliers are used to remove the oil filter housing cap.
Many times, the snap rings are too tight to remove by hand. The snap ring pliers have a notch in the jaws that fit over the snap ring, and serrated teeth that grip the metal tightly. By squeezing the handles together, the snap ring is pulled from the groove and can be easily removed.
Sunbright manufactures, designs and markets snap ring pliers and other automotive tools. We create automotive repair and maintenance solutions for the professional technician and the do-it-yourselfer.

Features and Benefits Sunbright Snap Ring Plier

– durability due to heat-treated carbon steel construction
– ergonomic design
– non-slip handles for easy use
– suitable for a wide range of applications
– improves user safety and convenience

Leading Snap Ring Plier Manufacturer and Supplier

Our snap ring pliers are manufactured using high-quality raw materials. Also, our snap ring pliers are checked for quality. Hence, you can buy both in wholesale with trust and confidence.
Sunbright also designs and manufacturers a wide range of automotive tools such as specialty pliers, wrenches, ratchets, and screwdrivers.
We pride ourselves on our high-quality products and scrupulous work ethic. We only use the best materials to manufacture our products so that we may deliver an exceptional tool to you.
Call us to find more automotive tools to enhance your work efficiency.

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