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A puller is a device for removing components such as bearings, pulleys, or gears from a shaft. They have legs that circle around the back or inside of a component and a forcing screw that pushes against the end of a shaft. By applying torque to the screw they can pull components off of a shaft.
Sunbright Automotive offers puller tooling for many cars of different makes and models. Products are available for many models including Ford, Honda, Volvo, Toyota, and others. We create solutions for everything from simple bearing removal to gear replacement on motors and more complicated mechanics.

Features and Benefits of Sunbright Automotive Puller

– Jaw-type puller allows for a range of sizes
– Designed to work on pulleys and gears
– Great for reducing gear noise when pulling bearings
– Less expensive than buying an entire bearing puller kit
– Convenient to use in tight spaces or hard to reach areas
– Allows for easy removal of bearings when only one is broken

Puller For Bearing, Gear, Pulley, and More

Sunbright design, develop, and manufacture puller tooling for the automotive industry. We offer a variety of products featuring different types of pullers that can be used to remove components on many different models.
Our selection includes solutions for every problem you may encounter including pulley pullers, wheel bearing pullers, pinion support tools, and more. We work with OEMs across the world to provide proper tools at the right price.

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