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Easy-to-Use Automotive Terminal Removal Tool by Sunbright

The terminal removal tool in automotive is used for pulling terminals out of their holding brackets. They are usually hooked on to the terminal end. Terminal removal tools are commonly used when looking to change a blown fuse in the vehicle, or if a terminal is corroded and needs replacing.
The common tool used for this operation is a simple hooked rod with a handle on one side, and a hook on the other. The hook is placed onto the terminal post, while turning the handle allows removal of the power feed from the affected part. This tool is commonly called a Fuse Puller.
Typically, terminal removal tools are used as a last resort when there is no alternative way of removing power from the offending circuit. The only time you should need to remove terminal hardware is if they’re corroded and not making good contact with battery posts or cables, or if you need to replace a fuse.

4 Features and Benefits of Sunbright Terminal Removal Tool

– Ergonomic design for quick and comfortable usage
– Easy to grip handle for user convenience while removing terminals
– Magnetic jaw securely holds the terminal in place, allowing you to focus on removing or tightening the terminal stud.
– Quick release button easily disassembles the jaw for fast and easy cleaning

Removes Most Terminal Types – Sunbright Terminal Removal Tool Kit

Sunbright terminal removal tool is a great choice for this job. It has the ability to remove most terminal types, including faston (spade) terminals, J-type battery lugs, ring or spade battery lugs, and other heavy duty punch down type terminals.
It is built with fully insulated handles for user protection. The metal jaws are made of high quality steel, CNC lathed, and finished with a black oxide top coat. The jaws opening is 5/16 inch wide by 2 inches high.
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