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Wide Compatibility – Best Refrigerant Hoses by Sunbright

Refrigerant hoses for air conditioning are used to transport refrigerant and lubricant between the components of automobile, truck, bus, heavy equipment, and other mobile air conditioning systems. These machines frequently use both a pressure and return line. Depending on the vehicle, various end connection kinds are available.

Sunbright Refrigerant hoses is critical part of air conditioner and automobile industry. When the hose is cut, punctured or worn out it should be correctly diagnosed and repaired.

Advantages of Sunbright Refrigerant Hoses 

  • easy to operate
  • high flexibility
  • compatible and ideal with most of the oil and refrigerants
  • resistant to fire, chemicals and abrasion.
  • maintenance free
  • the application temperature ranges from -30 to 150 degree Celsius.

Exceptional Refrigerant Hoses Manufacturer and Supplier – Sunbright Automotive Tools

The Sunbright Refrigerant hoses are commonly available in ¼ inch to 8-inch diameter, but can also be custom made for a specific application. Flexible braided, metallic braid and extruded rubber hose is in normal use.

The Sunbright Refrigerant Hoses are classified for their oil and refrigerant type. The oil types include R-12, R-134A, and R-22; the refrigerants used include R-12, R-134A and R-507 (a blend of propane and isobutane).

If you need more information about our refrigerant hose or planning to purchase other automotive maintenance tools, please feel free to contact us.

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