Sunbright is an automotive specialty tool manufacturer and provider of different automotive must-haves. We are a leading exporter and one of the most trusted automotive tool companies in China and many places abroad. We have been supplying advanced auto tools since 2013 and are in continuous development and expansion to give customers a wide variety of tools that will benefit their day-to-day service and maintenance needs.


As a leading automotive tools manufacturer, Sunbright creates products ensuring the highest materials are utilized resulting in a solid solution for different application requirements regardless of automotive tool type. All materials including metals, nylon, plastic, and such are developed and forged under the roof of Sunbright Facility keeping production maintained compliant to the highest standards of the company. Our Professionals do their utmost secure uniformed tools are manufactured for optimum reliability.


Sunbright Tools is an automotive tools supplier that has over a thousand different service tools that will cater to virtually every vehicle problem and project demand.


Automotive Tools list of Sunbright are made from strict quality control processes that guarantees to meet every customer’s product expectation and better.


Get a free quote of standard group of automotive tools and specified product bundles. Carry the best automotive service tools with you everywhere.

Featured automotive tools

Sunbright Tools offers you comprehensive automotive tools and equipment options that ranges to different applications such as air-condition, engine, chassis repair, brake, timing, and other automotive service and general tools.


100% Tested Automotive Tools

Exports to over 30 Countries

Here at Sunbright Tools, all automotive tools are tested to ensure lifetime service features are achieved. Tools undergo 2-point testing for durability and trouble-free performance.
All manufactured automotive tools are packed using high-strength packaging making sure that products received will be in their pristine, 100% brand-new condition.

Auto Tools Research & Development

Accurately Designed, Precisely Engineered

Manned by industry-leading professionals, Sunbright Tools are incorporated by a century worth of manufacturing expertise, product development, innovation. Though only having, roughly two decades of automotive tools manufacturer experience, Sunbright Tools are sure to offer

1,000 Automotive Tools Available

Global Distribution Network

Here at Sunbright, you can take advantage of sourcing all you need at one stop. Sunbright Tools Manufacturer offers diversified product options which include selections of air condition service tools, pliers, brake tools, engine tools, wrenches, timing tools; chassis repair tools, general tools, and more.


Sunbright Tools is available 24/7.
Connect with our customer service experts and get the best price for the best tools you need.


Sunbright Tools and products are made to meet or exceed the highest standard established. From the production start point of handpicking quality materials to procedures and manufacturing processes, Sunbright Tools guarantees to meet the expectations of customers from both local and international markets.

Exhaust and Tailpipe Cutter Gearwrench MY-Cu76

Exhaust and Tailpipe Cutter Gearwrench MY-Cu76

Exhaust and Tailpipe Cutter Gearwrench MY-Cu76

Exhaust and Tailpipe Cutter Gearwrench MY-Cu76

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Let us handle your packaging. Partner with us and build your own autmotive tool brands. Sunbright will support you in building your branding and startup your Automotive Tools Supplier journey.


Learn more about Sunbright Tools and its products/order details. If our FAQs are unable to provide the information you need. Simply contact our customer support team. Get the chance to have 3% discount when your questions get adopted by Sunbright Tools. Email us for more info!

Sunbright doesn’t have strict volume order requirements. Our automotive tools can be yours by simply ordering a minimum quantity of 10-500 products.

Yes, Sunbright usually has all the tools available when advertised on our website.

The company accepts EXW, FOB, CIF, etc. You can choose the one you feel that will cost you less hassle and product transport expenses.

When product request is available, we ship them immediately in 3 days. If not and a remake is required, it might take 1 week. The sample fee provided will be refunded after placing your order.

All Sunbright Tools automotive tools are covered under 12 months warranty. You may contact us during the warranty period if product replacement is required.


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