Gear Puller

Reliable and Easy-to-Use Gear Puller Set

A gear puller in automotive repair and maintenance is used to remove gears that cannot be extracted by using force on them directly. This tool is made for removing larger sized puller bearings, spacing washers (to give the gear puller more surface area), and spacers (in case there are too many layers of gears).
This is a must-have automotive tool for any professional, whether this is your first year as an automotive technician or you are a master mechanic.
The Sunbright Gear Puller has the ability to hold up to 15lbs of pressure with ease! This tool is not only well made, but it’s also easy to use and very reliable for what it was designed. It can fit on most production axle hubs, but it also fits well in most limited slip differentials.

7 Features and Benefits of Sunbright Gear Puller Set

– This tool is designed to remove gears that are frozen, rusted, or corroded
– Lightweight aluminum construction means less fatigue for the user
– Great quality tool ensures long lasting use
– Fits on most production axle hubs, as well as most limited slip differentials
– Hold up to 15 lbs. of pressure with ease!
– Easily re-lubricated without disassembly
– Simple use design makes this a great product for any professional needing guidance when it comes to gear pullers

Gear Puller Set Featuring Maximum Hardness and Durability

The Sunbright Gear Puller is made with high grade alloy steel which has been heat treated for maximum hardness and durability. It is constructed of 5 individual parts, all of which are able to be disassembled when needed.
The Sunbright Gear Puller makes it easy to remove gears without damaging them at all because it has a built-in safety mechanism that minimizes the chance of damage when adjustment is required.
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