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Best AC Manifold Gauge Set by Sunbright Automotive Tools

A manifold gauge set for air conditioning is a must-have gadget for anybody interested in doing simple system maintenance at home, such as determining if there’s a leak or adding little amounts of refrigerant.

Hand-held manifold gauge sets are used across the board for home air conditioning maintenance as well as automobile systems, and they’re handled in the same way by professional experts.

Sunbright manifold gauge set will help you to measure the system’s pressure as well as to detect any leaks.

The manifold gauge set is made from high quality automotive materials – tough plastic and steel metal. It’s lightweight and easy to handle.

The gauge set consists of a manifold and five different gauges. The manifolds have a standard 1/4″ thread for easy connection to your I.V. tubing or other container also holding the refrigerant.

In order to make sure that you easily detect any leaks, the Sunbright manifold gauge set comes with an anti-freeze solution.

7 Key Features and Benefits of Sunbright Manifold Gauge Set

  • Lightweight and easy to handle – only 0.5 pounds
  • Five different gauges included
  • 1/4″ thread for connection to your I.V. tubing or other container holding the refrigerant
  • Comes with anti-freeze solution
  • Comprehensive instructions
  • The gauges are well calibrated
  • The manifold is made of tough, durable material

Decade Expert Manufacturer – Sunbright Manifold Gauge Set

Sunbright is a leading manufacturer of different, must-have automotive tools. We have been providing clients from all over the world with the highest quality automotive tools for more than 10 years. We are proud to say that our products have been recognized worldwide for their great performance, durability and reliability.

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