Coolant Funnel

The Radiator is what cools down the engine whenever under stressful operation. The radiator has its coolant and oil that circulates inside the tubes. Every once in a while, radiator fluids need to change. 

Sunbright Coolant Funnel is made for this specific purpose. This automotive tool helps the transfer of fluids when needing to replace old coolant and oil. Sunbright Coolant Funnel has its spill-free feature for cleaner and faster funneling.

NEW ARRIVAL Coolant Funnel

The Coolant Funnel is an addition to the expanding automotive tools offered by Sunbright Tools. The company has its extensive product selection for different vehicle makes and applications making our tools the universal automotive solutions.

Sunbright Coolant Funnel

Sunbright Coolant Funnel kit funnels automotive virtually all automotive fluids including radiator coolant and oil cleanly into virtually any vehicle given. Its extension allows the device to put fluids to caps located under shrouds and fender wells.

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Find Coolant Funnel by Car Maker

Marketed as a universal fitting Coolant Funnel, you are certain to source radiator coolant funnel for different makes here at Sunbright Tools. Our products are seen to entertain industry giant brands such as Saturn, Pontiac, Subaru, Saab, and more of the likes.


Sunbright Tools is known for its massive tools selection that is offered at a competitive price. Our no-spill coolant funnel is made from high-quality materials to be of service for your radiator fluid needs for many years to come. The kit is composed of different extensions, angled elbows, adapters, and more allowing wide application compatibility.

All-in-one solution

Compatible in wide application

Spill-Free Coolant Funnel

12 months warranty


Get the job done using the right Coolant burping funnel for your radiator fluids. Connect with us now and be assisted with your purchase.

Automotive Coolant Funnel

Stock your automotive tools shops with Sunbright Products and get ahead of the supply scene. Source affordable products and further expand your shop’s selection.


Sunbright Coolant funnel is an automotive tool that helps the transfer of fluids when needing to replace old coolant and oil. Sunbright Coolant Funnel has its spill-free feature for cleaner and faster funneling.

DIYers use a pan and place it under the radiator to catch old coolant. You mustn’t fill the radiator all the way when bleeding without a funnel to avoid bubbles.

Leave the radiator cap off, turn the engine on and let it run until the radiator bleeds out air. It may take some time between 15 to 20 mins.
Some coolant funnels are marketed between $20 – $30 depending on package inclusion.
Yes, they do have. Virtually all products under Sunbright Branding are covered and protected under 12 months warranty.



Sunbright Tools has over 1,000 different automotive tools available in our product catalog. Get all the tools you need at a stop.


Sunbright Automotive Tools are made using the highest grade materials available. All tools undergo multiple product testing and inspection.


Get your Radiator Coolant Funnel at the best price and highest quality. Call us now so we can help you with your purchase.

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