Brake Fluid Syringe

While utilizing a brake bleeder to bleed the system, it is necessary to have your fluid changed regularly as well. The brake syringe carries the brake fluid for a proper transfer or release. 

Sunbright Brake Fluid Syringe is made from the highest grade plastic compound capable of carrying different types of automotive fluids. It has a spill-free feature allowing users to process brake fluid change faster and cleaner. 

Also, make sure to ask for assistance if not having enough knowledge on how to change brake fluid without bleeding the system.


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Sunbright Brake Fluid Syringe

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Sunbright Brake Fluid Syringe selections are made to entertain different vehicle applications from classic sedans, cars, passenger vehicles, trucks and trailers, and more. This brake fluid syringe offers a fast solution of cleanly removing or putting fluids into or out the reservoir. It is designed using light-weight, heavy-duty materials and includes easy to clean feature.

Wide Application Coverage

Light-weight, heavy-duty constructed

Made to last for many years

Covered by a 12-month warranty


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Automotive Brake Fluid Syringe for your Shop

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The brake fluid syringe is a device used to extract or dispense brake fluids/ automotive fluids in and out of small reservoirs.
You can use a turkey baster or simply a syringe in sucking old fluid and sediment out of the master cylinder reservoir. It is important to top off the reservoir with fresh fluid regularly as you bleed the system.
It is virtually impossible to flush out all the liquid without the proper device. What you can do is have a fluid swap. This procedure will not replace the old fluid in the reservoir but will introduce enough new fluid to make a difference in the system.
Install a piece of clear tube on the end of the 2nd syringe and then fill the syringe with new liquid. Once full, turn the syringe upside-down and gently push through every last air bubble.
A brake fluid syringe can cost from $20 up to more than $50 depending on application and type of syringe.



Sunbright offers a large selection of brake fluid syringes and other kits for different automotive fluids.


Brake Fluid Syringe Catalog by Sunbright is composed of syringes of different volume capacities for wide application coverage.


Get your Brake Fluid Syringe here at Sunbright and enjoy the highest quality of automotive tools at a low price.

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