Windshield Removal Tools

Removal and Installation without Blade or Knife – Best Windshield Removal Tool

A windshield removal tool that is designed to help motorists and technicians remove and install windshields without the use of a razor blade or knife, reducing the risk for personal injury.
This tool is a must-have for car mechanics, body shop techs, and any other automotive service professionals.
Quickly and easily remove windshields from autos, vans, truck caps, RVs, bus doors (may require two tools), as well as install new windshields with ease.
Sunbright windshield removal tools are made heavy-duty, with an aluminum alloy handle that provides comfort and ease of use, while the high-carbon steel head is designed for years of dependable use.

5 Features and Benefits of Sunbright Windshield Removal Tool

– Ergonomic design for comfort and ease of use.
– Head design allows for easy maneuvering under the windshield
– Designed with a large handle that provides comfort and ease of use during repetitive windshield installation or removal.
– multiple uses: can be used to remove and install windshields, as well as other glass windows like side and back windows.
– simple: no knife or razor blade to keep track of.

Wholeprice Windshield Removal Tool by Sunbright Automotive Tools

Sunbright Windshield Removal Tools are made available at a wholesale price for customers that will meet our minimum order requirements.
Our corporate goals include providing superior customer service, consistent product quality at competitive prices, engaging with other professionals in the automotive industry, and staying abreast of market trends.
Also, if you are trying to look and source other automotive tools, our catalog also has a wide range of tools available for wholesale prices. To find out our minimum requirements, don’t hesitate to contact us and we will be glad to help you.

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