Oil Funnel and Filler

An oil funnel and filler are what mechanic and car owner uses when it comes to refilling their engine’s oil. These tools are necessary due to often oil change of cars. 

An oil funnel and filler set can be made out of high tensile metal, flexible material, or most commonly with plastic that comes in set with different adapter sizes.

Sunbright Oil funnel and filler are suitable for different applications making them nearly universal oi funnel and filler kit.


Oil funnel kit by Sunbright introduces different sets that will of use for different vehicle applications. These include 16 pcs auto engine master funnel kit for car oil tools, 8pcs mechanic tools oil funnel made out from plastic partnered by metal adapters, large oil funnel kit with alloy adapters, universal car funnel for refueling, and the lists goes on.

Sunbright Oil Funnel and Filler

Sunbright oil funnel and filler kit are a must-have tool for mechanics and car owners. Using such, it will allow you to easily and quickly refuel or reoil your engine.
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Find Oil Funnel and Filler by Car Maker

Get the exacting Tool and device you need for your car. Sunbright Oil funnel and filler kits and other automotive tools are specified to different applications and some offer universal compatibility giving you the benefit of eliminating the need to purchase unnecessary tools.


Sunbright Tools has been supplying reliable automotive tools for over a decade. The company is manned by globally-experienced professionals handling all modification and automotive tool designs. WE are equipped with in-house R&D promoting innovation and the latest product development in every tool we offer. The company has an extensive line of tools that numbers to more than 1,000 different devices ready to be shipped out your way. Backing up our products is our unique delivery system and 24/7 customer service assistance.

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1,000 Tools


When needing a specific tool for your shop, garage, mechanic tools list, Sunbright Tools is sure to have them all for you. Contact us now!

Automotive Oil Funnel and Filler for your Shop

What’s better than loading your shop with highly marketable products? Gain the profit and get that reputable position in the supply scene when you partner with Sunbright Tools. 


Oil funnel and filler are commonly used for engine refueling or oil change. These tools are commonly seen made out of plastic materials with designated adapters to suit different engine mounting.
Cleaning a funnel is necessary to avoid cross-contamination. To clean a funnel, use soap and water. Make sure that funnel is dried up before using it.
Price of the oil funnel and filler depends on what materials used and inclusion in its set. A single purchase of a flexible funnel can cost around $15 or more. Sunbright Oil funnel and filler set with different MOQ requirements price starts from $21.
Basically, yes. We do offer minimal MOQ terms allowing our clients and customers to purchase inflexible numbers.
Sunbright Tools are covered under 12 months warranty. Contact us now for other concerns.



Sunbright Oil Funnel and Filler sets are diversified into different specifications to cater to different engine requirements. Contact us today so we can help you make the right purchase.


All Sunbright Tools are made durably to withstand common causes of failure. Oil Funnel and Filler are made with utmost precision to deliver proper filling without risking any damage on the engine mount.


Get exclusive bulk order rates! Call us now to discuss different products’ MOQ terms. Partner with us and never worry again about where will you source the tools you need.

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