Fan Clutch Wrench

A vehicle’s cooling fan will meet its limit over-time. Thus, a replacement or repair is required. Locked into place for many years, fan clutch nuts might be hard to remove. 

The Fan Clutch wrench is specifically designed for the removal and installation of fan clutches. 

Sunbright Fan clutch wrenches have different sizes to meet different application requirements. Each tool is made from premium-grade steel to last for many years or even a lifetime.


Sunbright Tools is manned by globally-experience designers and professionals. Though being present in the supply scene for only a decade, Sunbright Tools is comprised of experts that are equal to many years of experience in designing automotive tools. Thus, you are certain to find new products from time to time in our product portfolio.

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Sunbright Fan Clutch Wrench

Sunbright Fan Clutch Wrenches are designed to easily remove the lock nuts on a thermo-vicious fan. The tool allows the user to hold the water pump pulley while loosening the radiator fan. Its dual-purpose gives the user the benefit of loosening lock nuts faster without the help of any special tool.
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Find Fan Clutch Wrench by Car Maker

Regardless of makes and vehicle types, Sunbright Tools are sure to be of help to you. Get the right tools you need for your repair and maintenance. Sunbright Tools has a large selection of automotive tools for different car brandings.


Sunbright Tools produces a top-notch, high-tensile fan clutch wrench that serves virtually every popular application present today. The company designs different fan clutch wrench sizes to cater to fan clutch problems of different vehicle types from a simple car to heavy-duty trucks and trailers. They are made strong and dependable which is enough for them to last a lifetime. The product has a straightforward design that is easy to use even for start-up car owners that have limited knowledge on how to use a fan clutch wrench.

Precisely built meeting ANSI Standards

Lifetime Service

High-Strength Materials

Stylish Finish


Purchase an affordable Fan Clutch Wrench set here at Sunbright Tools. Get the benefit of a strong and dependable tool that will be of service for a lifetime.

Automotive Fan Clutch Wrench

Get hold of quality automotive tools such as the Fan clutch wrench made by Sunbright Tools. Our selection includes varieties of fan clutch wrench sizes and sets having 34mm fan clutch wrench, 32mm fan clutch wrench, pneumatic fan clutch wrench, and more.


A fan clutch wrench is a tool used to loosen the nuts of the fan clutch for servicing the unit, repair, or maintenance. It has different sizes depending on the application.
Each fan clutch will have a specified nut size that will range from 22mm to 36mm
Spin the fan as hard as you can. If the fan rotates more than 5 times, you may have a bad fan clutch.
This type of automotive tool is marketed globally from $20 apiece or a set for more than $60.

All automotive tools by Sunbright Tools are supported and under 12 months warranty.



Sunbright Tools offers a wide selection of automotive tools for different applications. Call us now and get the tools you need at an affordable price.


Fan Clutch Wrenches by Sunbright Tools are made from high-grade steel to last longer and offer strong gripping power.


Get your Fan Clutch Wrench at the best price and highest quality. Call us now so we can help you with your purchase.

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