Rivet Nut Tools

Rivet Nut Tools – Perfect Riveting Tools by Sunbright

Rivet tools are used by mechanics and professionals to tighten and remove bolts, screws, and nuts. This set of tools is made to tighten and remove fasteners with the use of a rivet.
A rivet nut tool is used to tighten rivet nuts on the backside of sheet metal. The tool moves along the length of the rivet nut and pushes the sides together to tighten it. This also works vice versa for removal, making this a very versatile tool.
Sunbright is your trusted provider of riveting tools for the automotive industry. We design and manufacture the most reliable automotive tools that are used for installing, removing, assembling, or disassembling parts.

Features and Benefits of Sunbright Rivet Tools

– lightweight and compact size makes it perfect for tight places
– all-steel construction
– handles provide maximum strength and durability
– the rivet nut toolset is made to tighten or remove fasteners
– Compatible with a wide range of rivet nuts
– Cost-Effective and Easy to Use

Industry Leading Rivet Tools Supplier

We have a full line of reliable automotive tools that are designed and manufactured in the USA. Our rivet tools are used by professionals and mechanics in various sectors of the automobile industry such as sheet metal, engine rebuilding, frame fabrication, electrical insulation, and more.
Browse our website for a full line of automotive tools that can help you get the job done right!

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