Oil Extractor

Reliable and Sturdily Built

Oil extractor is an automotive maintenance tool used to separate motor oil and other contaminants from used oil filters. This machine uses powerful suction to immediately remove all the used oil, water, and debris through the discharge hose into a container of your choice (such as an empty jug or fresh containers).

It is extremely useful in car repair garages, service stations, and fast lube shops where they change the oil frequently.

The Sunbright Oil Extractor is sturdy, reliable, and built for maximum performance. It has a compact design with an integrated handle on the top of the unit to make transportation smooth and convenient. It also comes with three different hose sizes (a 4′ suction hose, 3′ discharge hose, and 8′ drain hose) to work with most oil containers.

4 Advantages of Sunbright Engine Oil Extractor 

Compact Design

The Sunbright Oil Extractor has a small footprint, making it ideal for garages, auto shops, and even home shops. It is designed for simple disassembly to make transportation easy.

Extraction Speed

This unit has a very fast oil extraction speed—around 3 liters per minute—so you can quickly separate the oil from the used filter. It allows the user to spend less time extracting oil and more time working on jobs.

Servicing Used Oils

This machine is also ideal for servicing used oil so you can store it in a new bottle, or reuse it if necessary. The Sunbright Oil Extractor is equipped with different hose sizes so you can use it on various oil containers.

Easy to Use and Maintain

Sunbright Oil Extractor is easy to use and maintain. It has an integrated suction microscope with a built-in safety valve tat automatically stops the oil flow and prevents damage to the unit.

Ideal Choice for Maintenance – Sunbright Engine Oil Extractor 

The Sunbright Oil Extractor is the ideal choice when it comes to maintaining cleanliness in your garage or service center. Since it doesn’t require any chemicals, this machine makes sure that your workspace is neat and safe for everyone in the area.

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