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Changing the oil in an automotive vehicle is without a doubt one of the most common practices/maintenance tasks. However, changing oil is not the easiest thing to do especially for those start-up car owners. 

An oil extractor works as well as its name suggests. As changing oil is essential, an oil extractor is a device used to swiftly extract the oil from the engine by simply connecting it to the dipstick hole under the hood of a car. 

Sunbright Oil Extractor is a two-way device with manual and pneumatic oil extractor functions that will adapt to any working condition.


Choose the best oil extractor fitting for any working condition here at us. Sunbright tools have the largest selection of technologically advanced oil extractor pumps that are certain to meet your application requirements and will deliver high-level performance,


Sunbright Tools has been supplying different oil extraction machines/units with varieties of configurations including industry-standard 12v oil extractor pump, electric oil extractor, and manual types. Since started in 2016, Sunbright Tools has produced thousands of automotive repair tools and maintenance task equipment. Today, Sunbright Tools has more than 1,000 different parts in the catalog offered at a competitive price backed with excellent quality.
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Find OIL EXTRACTOR by Car Maker

Have access to Sunbright Tools’ comprehensive production options. Find the exacting automotive maintenance tools and devices for your ride. Sunbright Tools carries equipment that will cater to different carmaker brands including Saab, Mazda, Saturn, Pontiac, and more.


Our oil extractor is made to effectively serve its purpose. With Sunbright Tools Oil extractor pump, you are to eliminate the need of crawling under the car when doing the oil change. Our oil extractor is made to fit any condition with its pneumatic oil extractor function partnered with manual mode.

Handy Device for an immediate oil change

Fast Oil Extraction Capable

12 Months Warranty

Suiting for different Condition


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Automotive Oil Extractor for your Shop

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An oil extractor function is to suck the oil from the crankcase utilizing different sizes of tube. The tube is inserted in the dipstick opening. The device has its handle that is pumped to creates a vacuum that pulls out the oil.
With traditional draining, it is given to have some oil left in the crankcase. With the use of an oil extractor pump, a tube is utilized leaving no oil or debris.
There are steps on doing oil extraction and they are freely shared on the net. But to give you an overview, the oil extractor commonly comes with a tube that is inserted in the dipstick. A handle is a pumped-producing suction that will vacuum out the oil.
Yes, you can. Oil placement is untouched by a filter change. If any oil comes to spill, they are the only ones that are trapped beyond your anti-drainback gasket inside the filter.
Oil extractor price can vary depending on brand, kind, and package. An oil extractor can range from $80 to $120.



Sunbright Tools has the largest product catalog from Oil extractors, timing tools, and other equipment for automotive maintenance and repair.


Oil Extractors by Sunbright Tools are made from high-quality materials that will be of lasting service for many car owners.


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