Brake Spring Tool

Present in the tools set of car owners with drum brake system is the brake spring tool. A brake spring tool is segmented into different designs and purposes. Some are for removing, installing, and some for both. 

These include brake shoe retaining spring tool, heavy-duty spring tool, brake spring pliers, and more. A brake spring tool is a device used to attach, remove, and install the springs to the brake shoe and shoe anchor. 

Holding a large amount of tension when in use, the Sunbright brake spring tool is made from high-tensile materials providing a steady tool avoiding unnecessary bends.


Together with other automotive tools is Sunbright Brake Spring Tool. This device offers universal benefit for virtually every drum brake present including brake spring tools for heavy-duty applications such as trucks and the likes.

Sunbright Brake Spring Tool

Sunbright Brake Spring Tool will provide you the fastest way to remove and attached your spring brakes. This product will eliminate unsafe hooking and unhooking of brake shoe retaining springs. Suitable for heavy-duty applications such as when replacing brake shoes on trucks and trailers.
sunbright Drum Brake Tools

Find Brake Spring Tool by Car Maker

Brake Spring Tool is commonly made to adapt to drum brakes of different vehicle types. Sunbright Tools is here with a reliable and high-strength brake spring tool that will cater to more than 30+ vehicle makes’ drum brake system.


Sunbright Tools has been delivering quality Brake Spring Tool for over a decade now. The company is composed of globally-experienced designers. Sunbright Tools implements strict quality control allowing only products of the highest grade will make it in the market.

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Automotive Brake Spring Tool for your Shop

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Timing Tools are utilized to preserve the position s of the camshaft and crankshaft in an engine while the timing gear is serviced. These timing tools are commonly used when the timing chain or the timing belt is being replaced. If our QAs do not provide the answer to your concern, kindly contact us for further assistance.

A brake spring tool is used to remove drum brake springs using a notch present on the side of a drum brake pliers. It is also used to attach the spring by simply hooking the end of the string to the body of the brake spring tool and pulling it to the anchor.

Here are the example tools needed when doing drum brakes. Drum replacement hardware kit, shoes, screwdrivers, spring set, pliers, eyewear, brake clean, and needlenose pliers.

Starwheel adjuster spoon allows you to rotate the Starwheel adjuster on the drum brake assembly through a hole in the backing plate.

A single brake spring tool can cost about $10. A set of drum brake tools can cost over $40.

Depending on tool inclusion, drum brake tools can cost from $30 to $60.



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