SUNBRIGHT Automotive Tools are covered under the company’s 12-month warranty period. The company does not accept any transaction made outside the SUNBRIGHT legitimate order processing.

Warranty coverage depends on the product-specific warranty outline. Given SUNBRIGHT hundred automotive tools in the catalog, it is easier to confirm the outline by contacting us directly.

Warranty Conditions

SUNBRIGHT has a list of specific conditions that need to be met for warranty claims

  • Products should not be damaged
  • Modified
  • We will not accept wear and fitment issues
  • Altered in anyway
  • Abused
  • Repaired
  • Damaged due to improper use
  • Wrong installation

Defective Products

If in any case your received tools/products are damaged or defective in the state, you are entitled to a replacement or refund.

Return Requests

All products purchased under SUNBRIGHT that are covered by the warranty can be returned after 30 days of receipt. It is the customer’s preference if a return, refund, or exchange will be given.

For Repair

All damaged products that adhere to the conditions of the SUNBRIGHT Warranty outline will be repaired without any cost. Unless otherwise noted. We will use the same parts for repairs. If unavailable, we will replace them with comparable parts.

Exchange Products

For a product exchange request, we are 100% willing to exchange your item with the same product with the same specifications. We will be contacting you and will give you an update on whether the same product is available or not. If chosen to replace the item with a different tool/product, additional cost might be charged depending on the price of the requested unit.

Important Notice

Please be aware that warranty claims are non-transferable. Only the person registered as the original purchaser is entitled to the claims.

All warranty claims will be requested and required to be accompanied by the original sales invoice, e-receipt, or any kind of proof of payment provided by SUNBRIGHT.

Given that the customer is the one to choose which or what courier to be used for returns, exchange, or replacement, SUNBRIGHT will not be liable for damages, lost items, stolen items, and other incidents alike.

Contact Us

If you have any questions regarding the warranty policy of SUNBRIGHT for specific automotive tools/products, you contact us by calling at +8615900595263 / 0576-89108702 or email us at

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