Harmonic Balancer Puller

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Easy-to-Use Harmonic Balancer Removal Tool by Sunbright Automotive Tools

The Harmonic Balance Puller is an automotive tool that is used to remove harmonic balancer or crankshaft pulley/s at either the front or rear of an engine.

Sunbright Harmonic Balancer Puller automatically applies pressure against the edge of a harmonic balancer making it easy and safe to loosen and tighten the cover bolts. To use this tool, simply place it over the harmonic balancer, tighten the bolt and turn the handle spindle clockwise to apply pressure.

This tool works by putting equal pressure on all sides of a harmonic balancer’s edge instead of just one side as seen with other pullers. Sunbright harmonic balance puller is designed to provide a more equal distribution of pressure and increases the amount of force being applied. Rotating the handle spindle in a counter-clockwise motion loosens the harmonic balancer’s bolts.

7 Features and Benefits of Sunbright Snap-On Harmonic Balancer Puller 

-Sunbright Automotive manufactures harmonic balance pullerwith 2-12″
-The larger the bolt, the more clamping force will be applied to your job.
-Takes away 50% of the labor time to remove harmonic balancer/s
-Removes up to 3 times faster than other tools
-No damage or scratch marks on pulleys or engine block
-Small and lightweight
-Portable, can be carried around in a car’s trunk to job sites.

Leading Harmonic Balancer Remover Manufacturer – Sunbright Automotive Tools

This Harmonic Balance Puller is manufactured by Sunbright Automotive Manufacture Co., Ltd. We have been focusing on the design and production of automotive tools since 2009 and offer a broad range of automotive tools.

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