Clutch Alignment Tools

Durable and Easy to Use Clutch Alignment Tool

The clutch alignment tool is a must-have automotive tool used to properly adjust the clutch on an automobile. The Sunbright clutch alignment tool is designed to be used over and over again, unlike other brands which are made of plastic so they break easily after being dropped.
This tool is simple to use and can be installed in less than five minutes. The Sunbright clutch alignment tool fits neatly inside the transmission and allows you to adjust the clutch cable quickly and easily.
The Sunbright one-piece design ensures maximum strength for heavy duty use while the hard handle provides a comfortable grip without slipping so you can get the job done right. It is made of polished alloy steel for durability and strength.

5 Features and Benefits of Sunbright Clutch Alignment Tool

– Durably constructed
– Lightweight and easy to use
– Creates smooth clutch engagement
– Increases efficiency of clutch assembly
– Reduces wear on transmission, engine and drive system components

Universal Clutch Alignment Tool for Wide Application

Sunbright Clutch Alignment Tool, a clean and accurate way to install your clutch disc. The Sunbright tool aligns the pressure plate of the transmission with the clutch assembly so it provides a smooth engagement.
If you need a durable and accurate tool for easy clutch alignment, Sunbright Clutch Alignment Tool is the right product you need. Its lightweight design eases its use. This tool’s solid construction can assure you of durability and dependability.

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