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A bearing puller is a specific tool used to remove bearings without damaging them since they are very expensive, and the only way to get another one is just to spend a lot of money on new bearings.
Sunbright Automotive Tools offer bearing puller tools that can simply remove bearings from a surface without damaging them. This particular bearing puller is designed to fit onto a screwdriver and slide over a bearing to remove it.
It is a simple yet critical tool for car owners and mechanics when dealing with bearings after a repair.

Features and Benefits of Sunbright Bearing Pullers

– designed to fit onto a screwdriver and slide over a bearing to remove it
– will not damage the bearing like most other tools on the market
– can be used with a ball and roller bearings
– made of strong hardened steel tubing and plastic grips
– can remove bearings from a surface without any damage

Bearing Removal Tool Manufacturer and Supplier

Sunbright is a reputable company that has been around for over ten years and we offer a large selection of automotive tools for different types of work and different car parts, such as engine bay tools, electrical tools, bodywork tools.
We provide our customers with only the best accessories and tools that are designed to help car owners or mechanics ease their work and improve efficiency.
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