Fuel Line Disconnect Tool

Avoid Time Consuming Task with Sunbright Fuel Line Disconnect Tools 

Made of high-quality aluminum alloy and plastic steel, Sunbright fuel line disconnect tool cuts off fuel line clamps without damage to the line or surrounding components.

It is designed to disconnect metal fuel line from carburetor, thus providing a quick and efficient way to connect or detach the fuel line.

This tool features a compact design for easy storage and carrying. With this Sunbright fuel line disconnect tool you will be able to avoid the time-consuming task of bleeding off the system pressure before removal by simply snapping it onto the fuel line and rotating the tab to cut off the connection.

4 Advantages of Sunbright Fuel Line Removal Tools 

High Quality

Strong and durable construction ensures the tool will not break or fail under stress. The Sunbright fuel line disconnect tool is designed to work with all fuel lines including the small metal clips. The tool has two sizes that work with different clip sizes, which allows it to be versatile and useful for many different jobs.


Disconnect Tool can be used from either side, so it works equally well for a left or right handed mechanic. The biggest advantage of the tool is that it can be used on both sides. This allows for easy access even when confined or in awkward positions.


This fuel line disconnect tool is used to break the fuel lines free from the fuel rail. It allows for removal of the fuel injector clips without a struggle and can be used with one hand making it a functional tool.

Easy Storage

Comes with case that can easily be stored in a tool box, allowing access when needed. The case also prevents unnecessary wear and tear on the tool itself as well as keeping it together with other tools in the same place.

Leading Fuel Line Disconnect Tools Manufacturer – Sunbright Automotive Tools

Sunbright is a leading manufacturer of automotive maintenance tools. We offer an excellent line of tools to the automotive aftermarket industry. We are committed to offering you high quality products that provide exceptional value for your money.

All Sunbright products are backed with outstanding service and support. Our team, dedicated to providing top notch customer service, is ready to help you solve your problems quickly and efficiently.


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