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Oil funnel is used by mechanics and technicians to direct oil flow from a container to an engine, gearbox, or some other machinery. It is also used as a means of controlling the rate of oil flow.
The automotive oil funnel is specifically designed to handle hot oil without spilling it. It is made of heat-resistant material and has a wide mouth for easy pouring. The funnel also has a long spout that helps to direct the flow into tight spots.
Sunbright provides different shapes, sizes, and materials of oil funnels suitable for your applications.

Features and Benefits of Sunbright Oil Funnel Kit

– non-toxic plastic funnel
– suitable for transferring engine oil, gear oil, brake fluid, and other automotive fluids
– prevents spills and messes
– heat resistant up to 275 degrees Celsius
– long spout is ideal for transferring oil into long narrow passages
– wide mouth funnel with a big handle for an easy grip

Leading Automotive Oil Funnel Manufacturer & Supplier

If you are looking for a safe and reliable funnel to help with your oil transfers, then the Sunbright Oil Funnel Kit is a great option.
Sunbright has been providing automotive tools for over 10 years. Our products are being distributed to more than 30 countries and we continue to grow. We offer a wide range of automotive tools and accessories that are made to meet the highest standards.
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