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Mechanics use a variety of tools and equipment to repair vehicles. The more complex the repair, the more tools that will be needed.
Engine tools include a torque wrench, piston ring compressor, and valve spring compressor are commonly used to remove and replace components such as the cylinder head, starter motor, and camshaft.
Pistons, connecting rods, pins, and bolts are usually removed so that the engine block can be separated from its power source and moved out of the way.
Sunbright offers an extensive engine tools section in our parts catalog. This is to secure that our mechanics have the best tools available to them when working on a customer’s car.

5 Features and Benefits of Sunbright Engine Assembly Tools

– ISO 9001:2008 certified
– made to withstand the harshest working environments
– made suitable to a wide range of vehicles;
– from small cars to large tractors and trucks
– offered at a competitive price

Leading Engine Tools Manufacturer & Supplier

We understand that some repairs are more difficult than others and take longer to complete. That is why we carry a wide variety of engine tools to help make the repair process as smooth as possible.
Sunbright is a leading engine tool manufacturer and supplier. We are committed to quality and providing the best tools available to our mechanics.
If needing of specific automotive tools for your business, please contact us! We can provide you with the highest quality tools at an affordable price.

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