VW Radio Removal Tool

Sunbright Volkswagen (VW) Radio Removal tool is the leading radio removal tool for VW in the market.

  • Wide Range Compatibility
  • Made up of High-quality Materials
  • Ergonomic Design Features
  • Practical Tool Set
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Why Sunbright VW Radio Removal Tool

Our VW radio removal tool set is known for its reliability and durability because of the premium quality material we use in this tool. It is a must-have tool for all Volkswagen users and mechanics. Sunbright ensures that every radio removal tool kit we produce is nothing but top-notch products that will give a hundred percent satisfaction to all our customer-clients.

  • Sunbright VW radio removal tool includes keys that can be used to pull out original VW radios, CDs, and stereo players from the dashboards of all compatible units.
  • Sunbright car radio removal tools are made up of durable stainless steel and undue wear and tear. With this tool kit, you don’t have to worry about bending and deformation during application.
  • Sunbright car stereo removal radio removal tool are designed with a round shape head and smooth appearance that allows the users to easily remove tough and stuck radio or stereos from your unit’s dashboard without causing any pain in your fingers and can surely save time and effort
  • Sunbright VW radio removal tool set is a practical tool to use. This removal tool kit includes 20pcs.different specification tools for installing and removing the radio, stereo, and music players. This practical tool set also comes with a durable plastic molded case for storage.

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