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Sunbright is one of the leading Volkswagen oil funnel manufacturer in the automotive equipment industry. Used by over a million Volkswagen owners and mechanics around the world.

  • Our oil funnel has a transparent chamber that shows oil-flow and, with its wider diameter standard, it allows oil to flow more rapidly.
  • This funnel of ours also comes with a chamber and adopter that provide a secure connection to the tank for convenient hand-free application.
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Why Choose Sunbright to Buy VW Oil Funnel

Sunbright Volkswagen oil funnel is designed to connect directly to oil filler necks which also have a threaded collar, adaptor, and a transparent lower chamber. We make sure with our no-spill oil filling funnel your oil changing with your VW will be hassle-free.

  • Sunbright engine oil funnel for VW has a perfect fit to VW vehicles that has 4 stab style filler caps. Our oil filling funnel doesn’t also need to be held with both hands for it is designed and improved for a more convenient hand-free application.
  • As your oil Funnel expert, Sunbright brings you our VW oil funnel that is known for its feature and reliability. Also, we in Sunbright value your vehicles like ours, that’s why we only provide the best quality tools that will help owners and mechanics in all automotive applications.

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