VW Clutch Alignment Tool

Sunbrights’ VW Clutch Alignment Tool is a great choice for anyone who needs to install new clutch plates or adjust the preload on their vehicle’s engine.

  • Provide accurate measurements
  • Easy to operate and convenient to carry
  • Withstand high temperature and pressure
  • Aligns clutch disc to flywheel accurately
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Why Choose Sunbright to Buy Clutch Alignment Tool

The tool is easy to use and will give you great results every time you use it, so you can expect optimal performance from this product every time that you use it!
  • The function of the Volkswagen clutch alignment tool is to align the clutch disc and pressure plate.
  • The clutch alignment tool is designed with a special grooved shaft that fits into the flywheel keyway.
  • The flywheel will turn as long as the pressure plate is being pressed on by the clutch alignment tool, so you can use it to align your clutch disc and pressure plate without having to remove anything else.
  • This makes it a very useful tool for people who don’t want to take their entire transmission out just to align their clutch discs.

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