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Sunbright Volvo Wheel bearing Tool is one of the leading wheel hub bearing unit tools for Volvo on the market.

  • Made up of Premium Grade Materials
  • Most Practical Automotive Toolset
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Why Choose Sunbright Volvo Wheel Bearing Removal Tool

We in Sunbright comply with international standards to maintain our best quality products. Together with our latest technology and advanced product manufacturing, we ensure top-notch products and service to all our customer-clients.

  • Sunbright wheel bearing pullers for Volvo is made up of durable steel. Each piece in this set is forged and heat-treated for extra strength and longevity and finished with a black oxide finish for corrosion resistance. Our rear and front-wheel drive bearing adapter steel design holds the torque required in removing hubs and bearing. These also remove the said part without damaging the parts of the vehicle.
  • Our wheel hub bearing installer and remover tool is your most practical choice. Our sets have a bearing separator set of 5-ton capacity, bar-type bearing splitter, gear puller, and flywheel separator.
  • Sunbright Volvo wheel bearing tool is known for its versatility. For a wide variety of pulling jobs, you can remove bearing from the shaft, can split bearings, and even separate flywheels. It also has a 5-ton capacity which can use separately with other puller tools.

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