Volvo Oil Filter Wrench

SunBright’s volvo oil filter wrench is a tool that removes the housing or canister for the plastic oil filter.
  • Offers Volvo oil filter wrench size for oil filters based on their intended application
  • Portability and ease of operation
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Why Choose Sunbright Volvo Oil Filter Wrench

We are proud of the strength and dependability of our Volvo Oil Filter Wrench. Every oil filter wrench that SunBright manufactures is of the highest caliber and condition. With the top product development team and SunBright technology, we created the renowned Volvo oil filter wrench.

  • Fit for Volvo series, SunBright 86.6 16 flutes oil filter wrench is specifically designed and tested to fits Volvo engines that have an 86mm plastic smooth top oil filter cap.

  • SunBright oil filter wrench is extremely tough and is made from premium 6061 T5 aluminum, which won’t flex and fracture your plastic oil filter cover like stamped steel does.

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