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OHV 8inch Valve Spring Compressor


11PC valve oil sealing installer/remover

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9PC universal valve spring remover installer compressor kit


Easy Operation 9PC universal valve compressor tool kit allows you to remove and install the overhead valve spring and valve stem seals without removal of cylinder head from the engine.
Time Saver Effortless access to valve springs in tight confined areas. The adjustable pivots base holds the spring compression tool firmly and apply enough leverage to smoothly compress the spring. Must Have : Must have overhead valve spring compressor set is applicable for most domestic and imported cars with OHV & OHC gas or diesel engine. Slides along the depressor bar to easily work between valves without messing the cylinder settings.
Highly Versatile . Compatible for VW (4 & 5 & 6 cylinder), Audi (4 & 5 cylinder), BMW, Porsche (924 & 928) Ford, Honda,

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