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Clutch Centring Mandrels Set


sac clutch assembly disassembly alignment tool

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17pcs clutch alignment tool kit


Material: forged from chrome vanadium steel, overall heat treatment
Suitable for use on most cars and light commercial vehicles.
Faucet adapter: diameter 10.6-20mm
Guide bush: diameter 13.7-26mm
Aids alignment of clutch plate for assembly.
For fast accurate alignment of flywheel pilot hole and clutch drive plate when assembling to car
Precision manufactured steel bushes with chemically blacked finish
Universal fitting to suit many models.
Precision manufactured steel bushes with chemically blacked finish.
Applicable models: Audi, Citroen, Fiat, Ford, Honda, Mazda, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Opel, Peugeot, Toyota, Volkswagen, Volvo
Select the appropriate guide sleeve for the internal diameter of clutch plate and slide it onto the alignment adaptor bar. Ensure the taper of the guide sleeve runs towards the threaded end of the adaptor bar.
Select the appropriate centring sleeve for the spigot bearing and screw it onto the end of the alignment adaptor bar.
Slide the clutch plate onto the guide sleeve, ensuring the correct orientation.
Fit the centring sleeve into the spigot bearing and slide the clutch plate, on the guide sleeve,up to the flywheel.
Fit the clutch pressure plate and cover assembly and bolt in place.
Remove the alignment tool.
Material: metal
Long Alignment Tool Shaft(L*D): 150*20mm
8 x Pilot Bearing Adaptors:
15.5 X 14.2 X 26.6mm 16.7 X 15.4 X 27.0mm
19.0 X 17.5 X 27.5mm 20.0 X 18.6 X 27.5mm
21.4 X 20.0 X 27.4mm 23.0 X 21.6 X 27.5mm
23.5 X 22.0 X 27.5mm 26.6 X 24.2 X 27.5mm
8 X Clutch Plate Adaptors:
12.6 X 10.8 X 19.2mm 14.8 X 12.2 X 19.4mm
15.0 X 13.0 X 19.3mm 16.0 X 14.7 X 19.7mm
17.7 X 15.8 X 19.4mm 19.0 X 17.1 X 19.3mm
20.0 X 18.3 X 19.1mm 21.6 X 20.0 X 19.1mm
Package included:
1 x 150mm Long Alignment Tool Shaft
8 x Centring Sleeves(Numbers 1 – 8)
8 x Guide Sleeves(Numbers 1 – 8)
1 x Case

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