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Ball Joint Installer And Remover Set – Mercedes Benz


3Pcs Ball Joint Remover

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Bush 21 Pcs Master Adaptor Set Ball Joint Service Kit


With 4 Wheel Drive Adaptors
Brake Anchor Pin Removal and Installation
This tool kit is designed for use on all
cars and light trucks that have press-
fit type ball joints without the need to
remove the control arm from the vehicle
C-Frame and Forcing Screw
Installation Adaptor
Removal Adaptor
Installation Cups
Removal CupS??
Receiving Tubes
For servicing universal joints on most
cars / vans and light trucks
This tools set includes:
.Receiving tube 1-3/4” x 2”.
.Receiving tube 2-1/4” x 2 -1/2”.
.Receiving tube 2-3/4” x 3”.
.Forcing screw Hydraulic.
.Plug OD 7/8”.
.Receiving tube OD:2 -12” IO: 2 -14” L: 2”.
.Installation adaptor.
.Removal adaptor.
.Receiving cup adaptor OD: 2-1/4” IO: 2” L 2”.
.Receiving cup OD: 2-1/8” IO: 1-3/4” L 1/2”.
.Remover installer OD: 1-7/16” IO: 3/4” L I.
.Receiving cup OD 2-1/2” IO 1-1/4” L 1-1/2”.
.Receiving tube OD: 2-3/4” IO:1-7/16” L 2-1/4”.
.Receiving tube OD: 3” IO: 2-3/4” L 2-1/4”.
.Receiving cup OD 2-1/4” IO 2” L 2”.
.Receiving tube OD: 2-1/2” IO: 2-1/4” L 2 -3/4”.
.Installation cup OD: 2” IO: 1-/34” L 2-5/16”.
.Receiving cup OD 2-7/8” IO 2-5/8” L 3-7/8”.
.Receiving cup OD 2-7/16” IO 2-3/16” L 3-3/16”.
.Installation cup OD: 2” IO: 1-/34” L 3”.

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