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A/C Leak Detection Test Adapter for Asia Car


Fuel Line AC Quick Disconnect Tool Kit

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29pcs Full Coverage Disconnect Tool Set


All The Tools Required For Disconnecting Heater Hoses, Transmission Oil Cooler Pipes, Air Conditioning Pipes And Fuel Lines Used On Today’S Later Model Vehicles
1 Fuel Line Disconnect Tool- Green (1/2″)
2 Fuel Line Disconnect Tool- Yellow (3/8″)
3 A/C Spring Locking Coupling Took- Red(3/8″)
4 A/C Spring Locking Coupling Tool- Blue (1/2”)
5 A/C Spring Locking Coupling Tool, Black(5/8”)
6 A/C Spring Locking Coupling Tool- Beige(3/4”)
7 Ford Heater Hose Disconnect Tool
8 Ford/Gm Quick Disconnect Tool
9 Fuel Line Disconnect Tool
10 Fuel Line Disconnect Tool
11 Chrysler Fuel Line Disconnect Tool
12 GM Transmission Oil Cooler Line Disconnect Tool
13 GM Hydraulic Clutch Line Disconnect Tool
14 Toyota A/C Disconnect Tool
15 Heater Hose Disconnect Tool -Chrysler & Ford
16 Ford Fuel Line Coupling Tool
17 GM Heater Line Disconnect Tool
18 Ford/Gm Fuel Line Disconnect Tool Set
19 Transmission Cooler Line and Fuel Line Quick Disconnect Tool
20 Hydraulic Clutch Line Disconnect Tool
21 Disconnect Tools – Black(1/4”)
22 Disconnect Tools – Red(5/16”)
23 Disconnect Tools – Yellow(3/8”)
24 Oil Cooler Line Disconnect Tool- Blue(1/2”)
25 Fuel Line Quick Disconnect Tool
26 Ford Fuel & A/C Line Spring Coupling Tool


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