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500CC Engine Oil Extractor Pump Brake Fluid Extraction

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200cc Engine Oil Extractor Pump Brake Fluid Extraction


1.SUPERIOR MATERIALS:The car brake oil syringe made of high quality, solid, durable material, Built-in dual rubber pads, fit the piston closely to avoids leakage,Thicken wall enhances high strength and provides long service life
2.WITH EXTRA TUBES: The oil suction syringe extra tubes make extra length for jobs in hard to reach places and won’t have to worry about spillage during use
3.EXTRACTION AND INFUSION OF LIQUID: Simple syringe-type action using the manual fluid extractor pump can dual-way extract and fill fluid by differential extractor dispenser quickly and easily. Ideal for emptying or filling up the master tank and other reservoirs, extracting brake fluid from the tank and adding new oil before flushing the brake fluid to the brake caliper
4.WIDELY APPLICATION:Ideal for extracting or changing engine oils or lubricants in ATV’s, boats, farm equipment, industrial gear boxes, motor vehicles, motor bikes, RV’s, etc. Applicable to engine oil, gear oil, gearbox oil, including chemical resistant oils,brake fluid, diesel fuel, coolants, hydraulic systems and water, etc
5.EASY TO CLEAN:It is easy to take apart the Oil extractor tool and clean, not cross contaiminate different fluids


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