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Hand Vacuum Pump Test & Brake Bleeder Kit


5L Pneumatic Air Pressure Bleeder Tool

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Hand-Held Vacuum Pump Tester Brake Bleed Kit


Easily Bleed Brakes Yourself
Test Automotive Systems
Works on all vehicle makes and models
Pump with Vacuum Gauge / 2?G2ft
Lengths of Tubing / 8 Vacuum AdaptorsBrake Bleed Adaptors
Brake Fluid Reservoir
Package includes:
1 x Vacuum Pump
1 x Reservoir jar
1 x Transfer Lid
1 x Storage Lid
1 x 4 lengths of 1/4″ ID tubing
1 x 1 length of 5/32″ ID tubing
1 x Automotive Adapter Package
1 x Brake Bleeding Adapter Package
1 x Rubber Cap Adapter
1 x Presented with blow moulded case


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