Mercedes Oil Filter Removal Tool

SunBright Mercedes Oil Filter Removal Tool is one of the leading oil filter cup wrenches for Mercedes in the market. It is must-have equipment when owning this brand of vehicle. Purchased and used by over a million customers worldwide and giving its best special features to its finest.

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Our Mercedes Benz Oil Filter Removal Tool

Our Mercedes Benz Oil Filter Removal Tool is a premium quality filter wrench. It is forged from High-Density aluminum with a premium silver finish to prevent corrosion.
Premium Quality Materials
Our Mercedes Oil Filter Wrench is solidly constructed to provide great power to rotate the tight oil filter cap and we ensure it will not damage the oil filter cap during changes.
Secure Housing Cover
Our Oil Filter socket Removal Tool has 14 flutes inside with multiple points of contact to securely engage the filter housing cover.
Set of Convenient Tools
Our Oil filter Wrench for Mercedes has 14 flats with a 3/8″ drive and can be used to select cartridge oil filter caps and removable filters with 14 grooves 74mm in diameter.

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