Manifold Gauge Sets

What are a gauge manifold and its definition? A Manifold gauge is a device or tool used to control the flows of pressure or gasses.

The manifold gauge sets and interprets the pressures of the air-conditioning systems as it operates. 

Sunbright Manifold Gauge Sets are used to remove contaminated refrigerant from your car’s air-conditioning system. It effectively reduces the chance of cross-contaminating a service machine.


Highly Marketable Manifold Gauge Sets are made available by Sunbright Tools at a competitive price. Get your AC system maintenance device here at us. Contact us so we can locate the tools you need.

Sunbright Manifold Gauge Sets

Sunbright Tools’ Manifold Gauge Sets are comprised of high-quality hoses, fittings, valves, and more. These AC manifold gauge sets can be used for r410a, r134a, refrigerants. This is the best manifold gauge set for its price, durability, and capability of handling multiple types of refrigerants. q
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Find Manifold Gauge Sets by Car Maker

Sunbright Tools’ Manifold Gauge Sets are fitting to be of use by different car makes and vehicle types’ air-conditioning system. It is a highly marketable product due to its universal compatibility and a must-have automotive maintenance device by professional technicians.


Sunbright Tools is an expert when it comes to manufacturing different automotive tools. Our catalog is composed of over 1,000 hot-selling tools including our manifold gauge set having a price lower than market competitors. Our customer service is also available 24/7 allowing customers from a different side of the globe with a different timeline to contact us at the time they prefer or any time they are available. Sunbright Tools products are shipped to more than 30 countries and will continue to expand our global distribution network to reach many other places.

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Purchase affordable Manifold Gauge sets here at Sunbright Tools. Get the benefit of a strong and dependable tool that will be of service for a lifetime.

Automotive Manifold Gauge Sets for your Shop

Get rid of those high manifold gauge set prices. Here at Sunbright Tools, you are ensured to source top-notch quality manifold gauge sets without a high market price and strict MOQ requirements.


A Manifold gauge is a device or tool used to control the flows of pressure or gasses. The manifold gauge sets and interprets the pressures of the air-conditioning systems as it operates.
A common Manifold gauge sets include a durable brass body, a color-coded rubber hose, high/low fittings, adapters, and so on.
A manifold gauge works by sending a flow of gas through the set. The yellow hose is connected to an external source such as the vacuum pump or the refrigerant bottle. Low-pressure blue and high-pressure red hoses would be connected appropriately.
Some manifold gauge sets today are used and designed to cater to different gases. But you don’t want to do that more often as it would have the potential of cross-contamination
A manifold gauge set is market with an average cost of $30 per and can go up to more than $100 for digital gauge and heavy-duty units.



Our ever-expanding product selection is now made affordable and easy to access. Sunbright Tools will be your best tools shop partner.


Sunbright Manifold Gauge Sets are made from the premium brass body, high-quality rubber hose, and accurate size fittings and valves.


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