Lexus Oil Filter Wrench

SunBright offers a Lexus Oil Filter Wrench for the duration of the life of your car, and we are confident that this will cost you much less than having your oil changed by a professional.

  • Machined from high-quality aluminum
  • Fits various Lexus car perfectly
  • Accessible and easy-to-use oil filter wrenches
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Why Choose Sunbright Lexus Oil Filter Wrench

Sunbright’s adjustable oil filter wrench, which is intended to make oil filter removal simpler, will fit oil filters ranging in different sizes and is compatible with the majority of automobiles. Any breaker bar or ratchet can work with this simple oil filter wrench. A low-profile design makes it possible for you to work in spaces with little clearance. We offer high-quality oil filter wrenches among competitive brands at an affordable cost.

  • The SunBright Lexus oil filter wrench size 64mm 14 flute cup style is composed of 6065 aluminum alloy, which will give it plenty of force to turn the cap on the oil filter, despite how tightly it fits. It also won’t harm the plastic cap. Compared to IB1225, it is more robust.

  • Our oil filter wrenches are not only made to last, but they also have a premium black anodized finish applied to the surface to ward off corrosion.

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