How to Install a CV boot Clamp Using a CV Boot Tool

Installing a CV boot clamp is easier when you have the required tool. Learn how to use a CV boot clamp tool when changing boot clamps.

Automotive CV joint boot clamp tool/crimp tool with cutter
Automotive CV joint boot clamp tool/crimp tool with cutter

A CV boot clamp can be tricky to install, which is why we recommend that you own (and know how to use) a CV boot clamp tool. This tool helps you to do the job smoothly and perfectly, without using much effort or causing damage to your CV boot and axle. Read below for everything about the automotive CV boot clamp tool including what it is, how to use it, and what’s the best type.

Introduction to the CV Boot Clamp Tool

The CV boot clamp tool, or CV joint boot clamp tool, is a type of tool used to install CV joint boot clamps easily and safely. There are two main types of the device:

  • CV boot band clamp tool
  • CV boot clamp pliers

The CV boot band tool is used on band style clamps, which are also one of the most common (and easy-to-install) types of clamps. The tool is a combination of two different mechanisms: a clamp winder and clamp cutter.

A handle located on the side of the CV boot banding tool, as the device is also called, operates the winding mechanism to tension the clamp while a lever works the cutter.

The CV boot clamp pliers on the other hand, is a special type of pliers- or pincers- that installs ear type or crimping style clamps. There’s also a version of the tool for earless clamps and you get to choose the best type for your application.

The CV Boot Clamp Kit

The CV joint boot tool is often used as a single tool but you can also purchase in the form of a kit. The kit usually includes the different kinds of the tool: banding clamp tool and the boot band pliers. As you can guess, having a CV boot clamp kit offers the advantage of being able to service different cars.

Now that you are conversant with the two types of CV boot tools and their functions, let’s move onto how to use them. This will allow you to install various types of boot clamps, including the ear types used on front wheel drive cars.

Using a CV boot clamp tool
Using a CV boot clamp tool

How to Use a CV Boot Clamp Tool

The CV joint boot tool, whether CV boot clamp crimping pliers or boot clamp tool, is easy to operate. You will also find the task to install the clamps even easier if you’ve worked on CV joints before; you will only need to know how the specific tool works. Without further ado, here is how to use a CV boot clamp tool when changing boot clamps.

Things you’ll need:

  • Your CV boot clamp (ear style or banding) depending on your vehicle
  • CV boot clamp tool or cv boot clamp pliers depending on the type of clamp
  • Needle nose pliers
  • Hammer
How to use a CV boot clamp tool
How to use a CV boot clamp tool

Steps to Install a CV Boot Clamp with CV Boot Clamp Tool

Start by preparing your tool. If using a CV band clamp tool, ensure that it’s working and that the winding mechanism is lined up properly. Ensure, too, that the cutting lever is correctly positioned on the side. Check the CV boot to see that it’s properly seated on the CV joint assembly.

How to Use a CV Boot Clamp Banding Tool

Step 1: Undo the band style clamp then wrap it around the CV boot, making sure that it seats on the existing groove on the boot. Pull the free end (tail) of the clamp so it tightens around the boot.

Step 2: Insert the extended end of the clamp into the CV boot band tool. Slide it all the way through the cutter, winder, and up to the end. Pull the clamp over the end of the tool and bend it slightly.

Step 3: At this point, you want to use the CV boot clamp tool to tighten the clamp. Do so by turning the winder until the head of the tool just touches the clamp around the boot. Give the handle one last turn until there no more length of clamp or banding to tension.

Step 4: Flip the boot clamp tool over so the clamp’s end bends over the buckle-like clip or clasp. Then, turn the cutting lever to nip the excess length of the banding. This will release the tool and allow you to finish the clamp installation.

Step 5: Using a needle-nose pliers, bend the clamp’s tabs so they press against the bent part. Use the hammer to gently tap the tabs down. Your CV boot camp is now fully installed! Do the same with the clamp for the other end of the CV joint boot.

CV boot clamp pliers
CV boot clamp pliers

How to Use a CV Boot Clamp Pliers

As earlier indicated, the CV boot clamp pliers is used to install ear clamps. The tool comes with a pincers-style head to squeeze a part the clamp while a center piece moves forward to flatten the squeezed section. Below is how to use CV boot clamp pliers.

Step 1: For the ear type clamp, insert and position it around the boot. It may need adjusting based on the situation.

Step 2: Using the CV boot clamp pliers, squeeze the raised section of the clamp. This will reduce the clamps diameter and make it wrap around the boot tightly. At the same time the center piece with press against the squeezed part.

Step 3: Inspect the clamp to ensure the procedure worked properly and that the lamp is adequately securing the boot.

Can you Install a CV boot Clamp without a Tool?

As a DIY-er you may be wondering if it’s possible to change a CV axle boot clamp without tool help. Here, we are referring to either a CV boot crimping pliers or CV boot banding tool. So is a tool really necessary? Well, here is the answer:

A CV boot clamp install without tool help would be an uphill task. You may not be able to tension the band clamp as required, for example, or adequately tighten ear clamps. Additionally, you could end up damaging the rubber boot for not using the right tools.

CV joints are important parts of your car, As such, it’s critical that the boots protecting them remain secured even as the axle spins. The CV clamps ensure that, but only if they’re properly installed using a specialized CV boot clamp tool.

Best CV Boot Clamp Tool

If you’re using the CV boot band clamp tool for the first time, you may not know what the best tool to use is. Depending on the types of clamps on your car CV boots, choose the most appropriate tool- a CV boot band clamp tool for band style clamps, and pliers for ear clamps.

If you’re a technician or own several cars with different CV boot clamp types, it would be more advisable to own a kit instead of single tool. A kit will ensure you can work on different clamp designs, which also means tools to service many different car types.


A CV boot clamp tool is a vital tool for any DIY car owner or mechanic. It will not only help ensure a smooth process, but also that you do not damage the boot during clamp installation. The CV boot clamp tool instructions given here are important guidelines. Use them to replace your car’s boot clamps without having to go through the trouble of taking it to a mechanic.

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