How to Clean an Oil Extractor, Oil Extractor Maintenance Tips

it’s essential to clean your oil extractor
it’s essential to clean your oil extractor

In addition to proper use, knowing how to clean an oil extractor helps to keep it in good condition. There are also things that prolong the pump’s lifespan. This section covers the ways to maintain your car’s oil extraction tool. Learn how to properly clean an oil extractor pump after use. I will also be sharing useful tips that will help you avoid damaging the tool.

How to Clean an Oil Extractor

Immediately after using an oil extractor, it will usually look unsightly. You may, therefore, want to clean it. There are many methods to clean these tools. However, it’s important to understand how to do it the right way. Some solvents may cause damage and should not be used, while some cleaning methods may not produce the required results.

Here is how to clean an oil extractor using not water and alcohol.

Things you will need

The Steps

Step 1 Drain all the Oil

  • Drain the oil extractor tank of every drop of oil by placing it at a convenient and safe angle.
  • If your extractor comes with a drain valve, open it to allow the oil to come out
  • Use a recycling container to catch the oil. You can also use a bottle or jug.

Step 2 Clean the Oil Extractor Outer Surfaces

  • Using the wet piece of cloth, wipe the outside of the oil extractor clean.
  • Be sure to clean every surface including the joints

Step 3 Clean the Oil Extractor inside Surfaces

  • Put alcohol into the oil extractor and let it flow to all parts
  • The alcohol will break the remaining oil and make it easier to remove

Step 4 Flush the Oil Extractor

  • Use hot water to flush the inside of the oil extractor
  • Just like with the alcohol, allow the water to flow into every part

Step 5 Dry the Oil Extractor

  • The water will not dry quickly and you risk damaging the parts
  • Using a stream of air, dry out the water by directing the air into the inside of the extractor
  • Once dry, replace everything and store your extractor in a safe place

These steps explain how to clean an oil extractor without damage. But the hot water can risk causing that damage. Therefore, avoid using it if you do not have a blower to dry the extractor. Instead, it’s more advisable to only use alcohol. Alcohol evaporates quickly and the extractor will dry without the need for air.

always drain your oil extractor before storing it
always drain your oil extractor before storing it

Oil Extractor Maintenance Tips

The durability of your oil extractor depends on many factors, one of them being how well you take care of it. A properly maintained extractor will also last for long enough, even with frequent use. Apply these tips to maintain yours.

  • Always Follow the Oil Extractor Instructions- every oil extractor comes with usage instructions. Examples include the types of fluids to use the tool with, or the pressure levels for pneumatic extractors. Ignoring these instructions when using an oil extractor can shorten it’s lifespan by causing damage or operation problems.
  • Regularly Check Oil Extractor Parts- Inspect the different parts of the oil extractor pump to ensure no parts are loose or damaged. The parts include screws, bolts, and rubber seals. The oil extractor hose or hoses too. Some such as the tubes and hoses are replaceable when damaged and a periodic check helps to spot them and take the necessary action.
  • Ensure Early Oil Extractor Repair- this involves changing replaceable parts such as hoses or tubes. These are also easy to obtain- and cheap. An oil extractor replacement hose, for example, goes for less than $10. Repair also means fixing leaks before they render the machine unusable. You will easily find these during the periodic inspections of the extractor.
  • Avoid Direct Sun- Always avoid keeping your oil extractor pump in the sun for far too long. Doing so causes damage to the rubber seals and other parts. That in turn, results in a leaking extractor that you cannot use to remove oil. This mostly applies to pumps that may need using outdoors such as lawnmower oil extractor pumps.
  • Clean Oil Extractor after Use- always drain your oil extractor to remove all oil. After that, consider cleaning it with the appropriate solution that will not cause damage. Cleaning an oil extractor removes all oil traces and ensures it remains in great condition. One of the most effective ways to do that, as explained earlier, is by using rubbing alcohol to clean the inside and a wet cloth to wipe the outside.
  • Always Ensure Safe Storage- the storage space for your oil extractor pump should be safe and free from excessive heat, moisture, and dust. Bad conditions can take a toll on the machine and shorten its lifespan. If your extractor is made from metal, avoid it rusting by keeping it in a dry place. Oil extractor rust will eventually cause leaks.

These maintenance tips will help you avoid situations where you have the oil extractor not working out of the blue. It will also save you the unnecessary costs of having to replace the extractor too soon. Some extractors are costly investments and you want them to last as long as possible.


It’s crucial that you are aware of how to clean an oil extractor the proper way. Some methods to clean it can end up causing damage while others are ineffective at removing dirt and oil. When cleaned the right way, your oil vacuum pump will operate superbly, cost less to maintain, and last longer. The next part of the guide will help you find the right extractor for your needs and other factors.

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