Honda Oil Funnel

Sunbright Honda Oil Funnel is one of the top oil funnel for Honda vehicles in the market. 

  • No more spills and burning oil smell for it seals to the engine with rubber gasket and securely threads into place so it won’t spill or leak.
  • With Sunbright oil funnel you can also have a free hand application when putting oil for your engine for with its thread funnel feature it will definitely stay where it suppose to.
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Linjiang Industrial Park,Wucheng District,Jinhua,Zhejiang, China

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Why Choose Sunbright to Buy Honda Oil Funnel

We are Honda oil funnel kit experts. Sunbright offers only quality oil funnels, it all undergone extensive product research and development, advanced product processing, and international-based quality assurance tests.

  • Our oil funnel is made with quality materials, heavy-duty plastic for the bottom chamber and the upper portion is also durable yet flexible.
  • Sunbright commits to maintaining and developing all our existing products including all series of our motor oil funnel with our latest technology, advanced product processing, and strict quality assurance.

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