Ford Ball Joint Tool

Sunbrights’ Ford Ball Joint Tool is an excellent choice for anyone who needs to perform a complete ball joint replacement for their vehicles.

  • Both simple to use and convenient to carry
  • Withstand high pressure and temperature
  • Has to blow mold case for controlling tools
  • The durable design guarantees dependable long-term performance.
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Why Choose SunBright’s Ball Joint Removal Tool

Ford Transit Ball Joint Tools from Sunbright is made to work reliably in any setting, day in and day out. Our engineers create equipment with the best performance and price possible. Sunbright tools consistently outperform the competitors. Ford Ball Joint Tool is a high-grade, proficient ball joint removal tool that enables ball joints to be installed and removed on vehicles without removing any other parts while the vehicle is still in motion. also capable of pressing universal joints.

  • Specialty ball joint adapters are included in a three-piece kit that can be used with a C-frame that is the norm in the industry and is made to fit a variety of Ford automobiles.
  • Unlike other kits, the c clamp is forged rather than cast. For the most demanding applications, they are forced to bear greater loads.
  • This Ford f550 ball joint adapter is perfect for extracting seized joints thanks to the C-frame in our ball joint separator kit, which is made of a robust steel alloy for the toughest ball press applications.
  • SunBright’s Ball Joint Tool comes with a sturdy, blow-molded plastic carrying bag for convenient organization, safe storage, and transportation. You can take it to different jobs and keep it safely stored in your garage.

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