Drum Brake Tools

In a vehicle, there are two types of the braking system. These are the disc brake and the drum brake. Most of you may have a little more familiarity with disc brakes than a drum brake as they are the ones most present in today’s automobile. 

Drum brake tools are a set of tools used for removing and putting parts on a drum brake system. These tools are made to specifically made to work with drum brake parts such as the drum, shoes, wheel cylinder, adjuster, and more. 

SUNBRIGHT Drum Brake Tools are equipped with everything you need for drum brake removal, repair, and maintenance. These include spring pliers, brake spoons, pad gauges, and more.


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Sunbright Drum Brake Tools

Get the job done with the right set of Drum Brake Tools in your hand. Acquire must-have tools and never worry again about finding random equipment just to have your drum brake fixed. Here, we have a drum brake measuring tool, removal kits, spring pliers, and so on.

sunbright Drum Brake Tools

Find Drum Brake Tools by Car Maker

Sunbright Drum brake tools are universal devices that fit almost all drum brake systems regardless of the type and make. Here, you can see automotive tools for different car makes including classic brands of Saturn, Pontiac, Saab, Honda drum brake tools, and more of the likes.


Sunbright Drum Brake Tools carries must-have equipment and drum brake kits that are essential for a mechanic or a simple car owner. These drum brake tools will allow you to service your car in an instant it fails or when needed a replacement. All tools included are easy to use even having small to zero experience on how to use drum brake tools.

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Drum Brake Tool for your Shop

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Here are the example tools needed when doing drum brakes. Drum replacement hardware kit, shoes, screwdrivers, spring set, pliers, eyewear, brake clean, and needlenose pliers.
3 types of drum brakes are dependent on how the brake shoes are pressed to the drum. These are the leading/trailing shoe type, twin leading shoe type, and duo-servo type.

Drum brake components include brake drum, brake shoe, wheel cylinder, backing plate, and various springs and pins.

As a wear component, drum brakes are to wear over time. Typically, drum brake drums will last for about 200,000 miles.

Depending on tool inclusion, drum brake tools can cost from $30 to $60.


Wanting to source automotive tools with flawless design and outstanding durability? Dive into the company’s deepest selection of Drum Brake Tools and other mechanic necessities.


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Top-Notch Drum Brake Tools are made available using high-tensile materials that are certain to last for many years.


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