BMW Wheel Bearing Tool

Sunbright BMW wheel bearing tool is one of the leading BMW maintenance tools in the market. With over a million users worldwide, it is one of the most comprehensive equipment Sunbright has offered.

  • Our wheel bearing removal tool is made up of carbon steel and has 1.5 metric threads and an integrated pulse generator.
  • Sunbright BMW wheel bearing tool can remove and install ball joints in rear wheel carrier, ball joints and rubber bearings in longitudinal arms, and rear differential rubber bearings.
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Why Choose Sunbright to Buy BMW Wheel Bearing Tool

We value your vehicle units like how you value them. So Sunbright produces only quality products that will give convenience to all our customer-users. We commit to maintaining and improving our products by continuously innovating and advancing our machinery and technology used in product processing.

  • Our wheel bearing tool includes tools for removal and refitting entire bearings to the rear of BMW units it also helps guide the wheel hub and bearing assembly on straight and then presses the bearing in place evenly.

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