BMW Clutch Alignment Tool

The BMW Clutch Alignment Tool is used to align the clutch disk to the flywheel before installing a new clutch kit.

  • The material of this tool is made of aluminum alloy, which can be used for a long time.
  • This product has the advantages of easy installation, high precision, and easy operation.
  • A perfect replacement for your E46 M3 clutch alignment tool that can be used in other BMW models including, BMW 7 Series E38/E39 5 Series E34/E39 3 Series E30/E36 .
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Why Choose Sunbright to Buy Clutch Alignment Tool

The tool fits over the flywheel and prevents the clutch disk from moving while tightening the pressure plate bolts. The tool also makes installing a new clutch easier by eliminating alignment issues that can occur when tightening bolts in an out-of-round bore.
  • Sunbright BMW Clutch Tool has been tested by many customers before purchasing it and it has received positive reviews from them all.  
  • Our BMW tools are designed with high-quality metal construction, which makes them durable enough to use over and over again without wearing out quickly. 
  • This allows you to accurately align your clutch without damaging anything, which makes it perfect for both professional and DIY mechanics.

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