BMW Ball Joint Tool

The SunBright BMW Ball Joint Tool is used to split track rod ends, anti-roll bar mountings, ball joints, etc., particularly in small spaces.

  • The BMW ball joint adapter kit includes the adapters required to take apart and reassemble ball joints.
  • Compared to other ball joint tools on the market, it has impact quality, a sturdy design, and affordable prices.
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Why Choose SunBright’s BMW Ball Joint Tool

For the ideal balance of quality and price, SunBright ball joint removal tool offers components and accessories. Products from SunBright come with a warranty of long life, easy installation, and OE design covers a wide range of automotive and heavy-duty 4×4 wheel applications with a wide choice of car parts.

  • Made of strong, hardened carbon steel that is suitable for heavy-duty use, this item is difficult to shatter.
  • Every ball joint removal tool has an adjustable jaw capacity range of 30 to 56 mm, it may be set up for different stud lengths.
  • The ball joint press tool comes with a carrying case that makes it easy to store and travel.
  • The SunBright’s lower ball joint tool has five sizes of replaceable forks (22mm, 24mm, 27mm, 31mm, 36mm)

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