Types of Oil Extractors Pumps, Electric vs. Manual oil Extractor

different oil extractors suit different applications
different oil extractors suit different applications
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Different types of oil extractor pumps fit different needs and requirements. When buying one, it’s crucial that you make the right choice based on your situation. This article explains the types of engine oil extractors out there, including their advantages and drawbacks. The information will help you choose the most appropriate extractor for your car, truck, or any other vehicle.

What are the Different Types of Oil Extractor Pumps?

Oil extractor pumps are normally grouped by the method to power them. That can be manual using your hands, by means of compressed air, or from an electric power source. As you will also find out, some extractors suit certain engines more than others. The types of oil extractors on the market today are:

  • Manual oil extractor
  • Pneumatic oil extractor
  • Electric oil extractor
an example of a manual oil extractor
an example of a manual oil extractor
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Manual Oil Extractor

A manual oil extractor pump, as the name suggests, is operated manually, using the hands. Theses typically come with a handle that you pump up and down. The pumping action removes air from the unit, creating a vacuum in the extractor. That, in turn, helps to draw oil into the extractor’s reservoir from the engine.

Manual oil extractors are available in many different sizes and designs. They can be small or large and light or heavy. The general design of the manual extractor is a pumping mechanism consisting of a handle, a reservoir, and tubes to insert into the engine. Some even feature storage for tubes built into the unit.

Manual extractors require pumping with the hand in order to get them working. But despite that, they’re easy to operate. You do not need to pump them all the time, for example. Only a few strokes and the extractor is able to siphon oil on its own before requiring another few pumps.

When buying a manual oil extractor pump, I would recommend a simple and small size if looking for a portable tool. Also if intending to use it on a small engine. For heavy duty use, it’s more advisable to choose a large unit. That way, you will not spend a lot of time changing your engine oil.

air powered oil extractor, also called pneumatic oil extractor
air powered oil extractor, also called pneumatic oil extractor
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Pneumatic Oil Extractor

This type requires a source of compressed air to work, making it an automatic tool. The air provides the power to create a vacuum in the unit, which in turn, pulls oil from the engine’s oil sump. Being automatic, these types of oil extractor pumps are easy to use since you do not need to pump a handle.

One of the downsides of pneumatic oil extractors is that you need an air compressor to power them. However, most offer the option of manual operation with a handle to hand pump the extraction mechanism. That means you can still use them even when an air compressor isn’t available.

When you have made the decision to buy an air powered oil extractor, I would suggest choosing the combo type; those that’s both pneumatic and manual. These allow you to use the extractor anywhere. They are also more versatile than the manual types in terms of usage options.

an oil extractor electric pump
an oil extractor electric pump
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Electric Oil Extractor

Electric oil extractors depend on an electric power source to work. The source is usually your car’s battery. However, there are those that come with their own batteries; it depends on the type that you choose. An electric oil extractor pump typically contains an electric motor to power a pumping mechanism, tubes to pass oil, and cables to connect to a power source.

Electric extractors come in very small sizes. That makes them the best when looking for a tool to use on the go. They are also convenient to operate; you only need to press a button and the extractor will siphon oil and direct it to a container. Because they do not come with a reservoir, electric oil extractors also allow you to siphon all oil at a go.

The only major drawback with these extractor types is the means to power them. You need a battery or you cannot use the tool. When buying one, it’s crucial to choose the right wattage or amp rating for your application. A higher wattage means a faster and more effective extraction of oil and vice versa.

electric oil extractor
manual oil extractor
electric vs. manual oil extractor
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Electric vs. Manual Oil Extractors

Many car owners find choosing between a manual or electric oil extractor difficult. While each type offers both up and downsides, there are situations that require either of the two more. So, which one should you go for? Here is a comparison of the two to help you make a sound decision.

Electric oil extractors are normally compact units without a reservoir to hold oil. Instead, the pumps direct the oil to a separate container. They are also easy to operate, with only the “ON/OFF” button to press.

On the other hand, manual extractors can be bulky units since they use built in reservoirs and hand pump mechanisms. They’re also not as easy to operate as the electric types, since you have to pump the handle before the oil can flow up the extraction tube.

Overall, an electric oil extractor pump is more convenient to use when changing your car’s engine oil. In terms of price, the simplest electric extractor can goes for as low as $20. This is usually capable of extracting oil from a range of engines in addition to being highly portable.


To sum up, there are different types of oil extractor pumps out there. The one that you buy should fit your needs and requirements. More importantly, it should suit your type of car based on the oil capacity. Based on the information in this section, you can now select the right type of oil extractor for your situation. In the next part of the guide, you will be learning how to use an oil extractor properly.

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